Dear Wilmer,

There is something ethereal about staring at racks of books, it feels so pure, old and wise. It reminds me of how, as a child, I would stand at the entrance of my local library, take in the beauty all around me, close my eyes, breathe deeply, and imagine myself floating through time.

I know an old saying, it goes like this; ‘’you can laugh without wanting to laugh because you can put it on, but you can’t cry without meaning.” They’ve obviously never met actors.

You are a particularly good actor, and I’ve come to believe that you just don’t act roles, you live them. And we live those roles through you. You make your characters come alive in such a way that for the two hours or thereabout, nothing else matters, we are trapped in time and lost in you.

Thank you for encouraging, loving, and lifting not just by what you do, but by being you. In a way, I am finding bits of myself by writing to you. You are my first in all sense of being a “fangirl”.

Do you sometimes learn or borrow traits from a character you’ve played? Reading and learning about them, feeling what they felt. Despair, pain, joy and confusion, does it change you?

I guess I might never know. You’re like a person made of sugar in a world of ants- A compliment because I am full of questions.


With more questions,

Queen Lizzy