Khaled Hosseini’s Kite Runner

The gift of forgiveness and the price of restitution.

Khaled weaves a thick plot that is clear to see from the beginning but also, interesting enough to keep you. I wish some of the choices were a bit different and the conflicts resolved earlier but if it were, there would be no point of forgiveness. It does not force you to pick a side but it also makes you think what peace means to you.

Set in Kabul, it takes the reader through the pre-war years right before the Taliban attacked Afghanistan.

Amir and Hassan, represent two sides of the same coin, oddly familiar but largely different.

Behind the backdrop of Amir and Hassan’s life, there is the raging war in Kabul and Hosseini attempts to draw a parallel between good and evil, trying hard to introduce the reader’s mind to the motivation of war and inadvertently pitching one side against the other.

A beautiful tale of friendship, sacrifice, and love. It questions what it means to stand up and explores the burden of keeping quiet.