One of the most introspective quotes on loneliness I’ve ever read is one by Carl Gustav Jung;

“Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.”


A friend recently moved to a new country, and as a goodbye gift, I got a link to a curated playlist because we have similar taste in music, and I think it also represented closure and a new start.

The world is one big digital village, but digital cannot take the place of being physically present. When we move, we sacrifice what we know for what we’ll discover.

I’m in awe of how music helps us feel centered.

I also think about the friend, and how they might be feeling going to a new country, meeting new people, and forming new bonds. They went off to be with their lover, and that makes everything a little easier.

I put together a couple of songs in honour of friendship and music.

The playlist: Goodbyes, new cities and happy lovers

  1. Jon Bellion: Conversations with my wife
  2. James Bay ft Julia Michaels: Peer Pressure
  3. Izzu Bizu: Mad behavior
  4. ColdPlay: Everglow
  5. Boundary Run: Make it out
  6. Fun: Some nights
  7. Fun: Carry On
  8. Sleeping at last: Faith
  9. Roberta Flack: Killing me softly with his song
  10. Sleeping at Last: Sight
  11. London Grammar: Wasting time
  12. Finneas: I lost a friend
  13. Sasha Sloan: Too sad to cry
  14. Isaac Gracie: Come on through
  15. Bob Dylan: One too many mornings
  16. Jon Bellion: Blu (live version)
  17. Rosie Lowe: Woman
  18. Muzi: Good vibes only
  19. NF: Therapy session
  1. Ollie: 60 seconds
  2. Simi: Smile
  3. Adekunle Gold: Orente