I am fascinated by faces.

It is the first thing we see register when we want to remember people. It does not always mean that it is what stays with us. Some time ago, while training in digital media creation at RNTC, Issa Shaker our photography and video instructor took us on a little adventure on the close up shot. It easy to understand why it is chosen shot to add emotions to a scene. In very close proximity, it’s difficult to hold on to our inhibitions. Our eyes wander and speak volumes.

In hindsight, the surface skill of that exercise was to train was to train our ability to zoom a subject, and keep steady hands. But, on a deeper level, it’s about focus and perception. It’s you, a screen and one specific area of the subject. I haven’t taken much close up shots in a long time because it requires showing up some emotions of your own to engage in such personal spaces. Like I said earlier, I like faces, I like to look at them, not necessarily show my own.