About Me

Hi there! My name is Queen Lizzy. I am in a relationship with books, coffee and tea.

In parts, I am an audiophile, a logophile, a bibliophile, and a polymathic folklorist.

My father introduced me to radio as a child, and I have been in love ever since. Thinking of it, my journey as an audiophile is inspired by him. He’d sit by the radio in the evenings after work, he also had a small radio that travelled with him. He had a collection of music that moved him, music that held memories and music that inspired happiness. He was my real-life happy feet – a gift I admired but never acquired.

I love words. In many ways, we are products of words because they come together to mean something. Things that change us and things that define us. Words have always fascinated me; from learning how to read them and being able to make sense of them. I am because they are.

I started off as a late bloomer when it came to reading. I loved stories but could not read them for myself. My mother was a storyteller. She’d gather us around, take us back in time, around the world and to the future. But more importantly, she used stories to craft beautiful mirrors that we could hold up and see the things she described. A gift my sister took from her.

When I found the courage to brave the world of books, I went to the library to see what that world held for me, and it brought me to my knees. For hours, I went through pages by myself and walked into lives of people real and those made up. When the library closed and I had to go meet up with my mum, she told me she came looking for and watched me for a long time while I took no note of her presence. Books are a sane safe place for me. There is a book for every moment but the most important book moment for me is the one I shared with my mother. A moment that meant more to her than it did me but through the years has served as a memory of when I want to feel close to her.

I love to learn, the idea of taking a simple or complex subject and making sense of it excites me. I like to think that we are our best selves when we are learning because with learning comes understanding.

I enjoy writing, and being able to define my emotions through my words. write. I am also an explorer of visual arts.

Being here will be a journey of me exploring things I know, things I love and things I want to learn more about.