Wives, husbands, children, friends, lovers, in-laws, neighbours and people.

What do they have in common?


This year will be different is a collection of 15 short stories. Maeve Binchy tears down the window to the lives of different families, situations, and people grappling with anxieties, and effects of their decisions and silent wishes heightened by the festive season.

This time, Maeve Binchy takes us on a voyage to England, Ireland and Australia. We’ll meet parents of wayward children, married lovers taking their mate for granted, children meddling in adult-business, a sad gambler who’s lost it all, divorced people, ruined plans and old traditions.

This book is a feast of characters, spiced with romance, heartbreak, humor, laughter and uncertainty.

Unlike most of Binchy’s work, this book does not do justice to the character development of her stars but, it succinctly mirrors the less talked about realities of most people during the holidays that are often ignored for the glamour of “love and joy” while also solidly guiding the reader to decide if being happy is truly a choice or largely circumstantial